• About:

    'The Future is Queer' will officially open March 13th.

    'The Future is Queer' will be featured as a virtual exhibition as part of The University of Tennessee, Knoxville's Remote Contact Symposium (http://volweb.utk.edu/~remotecontact/index.html) I (Erin Wohletz) will be speaking about the project on March 13th at 1:30.

    ‘Queer’ is a term which has evaded definition. Just when you think you have an answer it morphs and changes into something new, always encouraging further exploration. Without the ability to define the term with words we can only hope to define queerness through a variety of visual representations. ‘The Future is Queer’ is an exhibition which seeks to create an index of LGBTQ+ practitioners working within the medium of print. The LGBTQ+ community like printmaking thrives through community practice.‘The Future is Queer’ seeks to create, visualize, and connect LGBTQ+ printmakers. Utilizing the benefits of a virtual exhibition space my goal is to highlight the work of as many practitioners as possible. In this way we can form a beautifully varied visualization of ‘queerness’ within our growing printmaking community.

  • How to Join

    In order to have your work included in our inaugural virtual exhibitions submissions must be submitted by March 1st!

    Would you like to be a part of The Future is Queer?
    Are you LGBTQ+? Do you make prints or sometimes use printmaking?

    Your prints do not need to address LGBTQ+ issues. The only goal of the directory is to create community within queer print.

    Traditional prints as well as digital prints accepted!

    If you would like to join then please send the following to QueerPrintmaking@gmail.com

    1.) 1 - 3 Images of artwork (jpgs work best)
    2.) Bio (this is preferred but not required)
    3.) Artist Statement (this is preferred but not required)
    4.) Links to website and or Instagram (this is preferred but not required)

    I'll get back to you as soon as I can

  • Does the work I have to address LGBTQ+ issues?

    No! Any work, on any theme, by LGBTQ+ printmakers is accepted.

  • How to Update your Directory Information

    If you notice a problem or simply wish to update the information or image on your directory link please email me (Erin Wohletz) at queerprintmaking@gmail.com