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Peachy Keen Acid Trip
Standalone Terracotta
blind contour drawing, pencil and screen print
screen print and walnut scrub

Beck Lambert
Instagram: @Cherryprinting
Artist Statement: I struggle calling myself an artist. It’s like calling a baker a scientist. I can understand where you would get the idea, but it’s a label that sits a little too strangely. At one point, I couldn’t even call what I did art. But if the things I created become art, it becomes hard to separate the idea of what I have created to what I consider myself. I learned you can’t pull those two things apart.
A lot of what we do is public and for consumption. Our identities are so closely tied to our art and becoming an artist is forcing myself to allow you to digest it. Growing up trans I never felt like I had a concrete idea of who--of what I was. I spent years trying to unlearn these expectations. My medium is asking you to subvert your expectations, to redefine the lines of what we feel to be true with what others know to be true. Finding this voice while staying authentic took a long time. I am not always a quiet and gentle person. But this required me to humble myself, to sit down, shut up, and listen, really listen: a good lesson to learn earlier than later.
Growing as a printmaker, I started to experiment with abstract art, another type of living art. Abstract art invites the viewer to play in the space, and it is then up to the viewer to answer the call. The back and forth between an audience and an abstract piece of art is beyond exciting to me as a creator. I want to keep growing, and becoming a better artist--a better printer, so that I learn even more about the living art inside of everything we do.