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Grace Wirzba
Instagram: @hot.little.hands & @small.warm.fists
Bio: Grace Wirzba (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist originally from rural Manitoba and currently based in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. She focuses in on soft sculpture, textiles, and printmaking. She received her undergraduate degree with honours in Studio Arts in 2018 from the University of Lethbridge and received multiple awards for print, paint and sculpture. She has participated in residencies at Medalta’s Shaw International Centre for Contemporary Ceramics and CASA (upcoming). Her work consistently centres on themes of the home, gender and community histories.
Artist Statement: My practice continues to be curious towards translations – the sweetness and mythology that eeks out when an object, story, or memory is translated into something new. Through each translation something is lost, or found. My multidisciplinary practice is deeply rooted in examining architecture, space, and histories and our personal understandings of these things. Often, the work examines the subtleties of the home and the domestic and seeks to explore textiles as forms of both resistance and comfort.