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The Goat Trail, Black’s Beach: Moonlight
Japanese woodblock print on washi paper
Japanese woodblock print on washi paper
Yoshitoshi’s Ghosts
Japanese woodblock print on washi paper

Paul Binnie
Instagram: @paulanotherartist
Bio / Artist Statement: I was born in Scotland, and have been a full-time painter and printmaker for over 30 years, during which time a constant theme in my work has been the male nude, in various incarnations. In Japan in the 1990s I was interested in using real and imagined tattoos to express layers of meaning on my nude models, and I’m currently making a series of prints of male figures at Black’s Beach, a nude beach near my home in Southern California. The same theme carries through into my work in large scale oil painting and there are a number of oils of men at the nude beach as well as in interiors.
In Japanese-technique multicolor woodblock printing, I design, carve and print my own work, and I was apprenticed in Tokyo for 6 years learning the skills of this rare art form.