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Anna Halina Chlebowska
Instagram: @sthfrmnth
Bio: I am 5th year student at Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland, studying printmaking and illustration at the Faculty of Graphics and Media Art. I experiment with relief and intaglio printing. My other interests include drawing, illustration, artist books and painting.
Artist Statement: In the Landscapes cycle I am exploring the theme of landscape, I treat this motif as a metaphor, a starting point for reflection on the contemporary world and a way to tell a different story. Works from this series are about change, destabilization and disintegration, they are expressions of inner unrest and melancholy. I create metal landscapes - I discover, organize and develop symbols that are characteristic for the theme of landscape, I design, synthesize and create compositions, at the same time trying to define the feelings triggered by negative, anthropogenic climate changes and the thread of a climate catastrophe. I tackle the subject of mutual influence of the human and natural environment, their intersections, detachment of one from another and the impact of climate change on human well-being.