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Heather McDonald
Instagram: @strangeprintsinthemwoods
Bio / Artist Statement: My name is Heather and I am a Scottish lesbian who specialises in print-making. My work follows a trio of witches who punish and humiliate writers and directors who have featured scenes and narratives which allow for the exploitation or degradation of female characters within their work.

I try to draw a parallel between real-life witch hunters/inquisitors, and creators who have attempted to subjugate female sexuality and behaviours, that they deem as undesirable. As In certain years the term ‘witch’ has become synonymous with misbehaving women, I have featured this reappropriation of her archetype within my art. Although not exclusively queer, I like to believe that there is what I like to call a certain “Dyke-Rhetoric” throughout my work. My prints are a tongue-in-cheek celebration of women who are not able to conform to traditional feminine ideals, which lesbians are traditionally excluded from anyway!