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Roisin McCool
Instagram: @hauntologyclub
Bio: Roisin McCool is a visual artist based in Tucson, AZ. They are fascinated by relief printmaking techniques, such as woodcut, linocut, and letterpress printing. In addition to printmaking, their practice includes illustration, animation, sculpture, and painting. The use of a broad variety of mediums allows McCool to express their message using the best vessel for the work. McCool graduates with a BFA in Illustration & Design in Spring of 2021.
Artist Statement: I strive to make work that is colorful and full of life, regardless of the subject matter presented. I use my work to create my own visual language in which I can comfortably discuss matters such as anxieties, social media, and gender. I am inspired by 1990s cartoons, the 1930s rubberhose animation style, vintage technology, and fashion and makeup trends from the last sixty years.