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Jake Lahah
Instagram: @slickjaketheruler
Bio: Bio: Jake Lahah graduated from George Mason University in 2017 with a BFA in Printmaking. Jake is currently a resident artist at Studio Two Three in Richmond, VA. He loves cooking, drag shows, dinosaurs, and pop musicians.
Artist Statement: My work is inspired by the fringes of queerness; the things that don’t directly change or influence my sexual preferences or gender identity. I turn to pop-culture as a means for broadening my definition of queerness. This leads me to make work about different topics such as fashion, beauty, drag, pop stardom, and things I might come across on social media platforms that resonate with me. By using interests that are considered digestible, my work seeks to create more accessible conversations around what queer identities may look like and how they may evolve overtime.

I’m also interested in the new emergence of new print technologies. My work utilizes maker spaces and fabrication technology to engage with CNC-routers, laser cutters, UV flatbed printers, and other commercial print shop technology. This allows me to create works that sits at a crossroad between printmaking, object making, fabrication, books/zines and installation.