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J Frank
Instagram: @fickle_dreams
Bio: I am a young, Trans*, proudly Queer Artist based in London, most recently doing work with the Barbican Centre and Gallery. I am a recent graduate, class of the pandemic (2020), from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama for Performance Art. My work is predominantly based in the autobiographical, ridiculousness, and capturing the nuance of the trans* experience within a neoliberal world.
Artist Statement: "For some reason, I don't know why, I would just kind of sit around all day... and draw pictures of dicks.” - Superbad, 2007

This is the true sentiment of my artistic practice. All jokes aside, My work creates discussions between the transgender body, queer identity, population culture and humour. Presenting itself in a lighthearted tone, my work targets serious issues around intimacy and masculinity.

By using references to pop culture and recognisable form, thick black lines and bright colours, maybe someone completely disassociated from my own experience, may be able to understand the nuance of the trans* experience, creating a solidarity from an underrepresented cohort. We are unseen, we are unheard, we are mistreated.

The goal of my work is not only help myself process my interaction with the world, and to create a solidarity in shared experience, but to cast a more realistic impression of trans*, queer individuals, particularly feminine trans* men such as myself.