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Casey Rubenfeld
Instagram: @caseyrubenfeldart
Bio: Casey Rubenfeld is an artist from San Diego who creates work through mediums of drawing, print making, and photography. She creates work that reflect her intersecting identities and plays with those representations and meanings. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2018 with a BA in Art and Language studies with an emphasis in Japanese. She is currently working on her portfolio to pursue grad school for printmaking.
Artist’s Statement: My artwork is an expression of my many identities such as being Queer, Jewish, Latinx, Fat, and a Woman. Much of my work is self portraiture that explores representations of my identities, oppressive structures, and ideologies. In the future I hope to delve into the history of representation of marginalized communities (that I’m apart of) in order to destroy but also reclaim those images. Creating my work mainly through printmaking is very important to me because not only is printmaking a laborious art form, it’s also a community, and has a large history of creativity and resistance to the mainstream.