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Rudy Tomala
Instagram: @transrebelcowboy
Bio: Rudy Tomala is a trans masculine printmaker and digital artist based in Manchester, United Kingdom. He is soon to graduate with a degree in Fine Art from Manchester School of Art. His practice is based around exploring elements of his transgender identity ranging from gritty, hard truths to euphoric paradise, all through primarily screen printing.
Artist Statement: My practice revolves around exploring my trans masculine identity, I explore most aspects of my identity ranging from self perception, medical aspects, language and political aspects. My art is heavily influenced by my emotions and the world around me, as it is a hostile place for transgender people right now.

I found myself subconsciously drawn to creating and visualising the struggles I have with my own perception and the existence within my body. The colour palette of my work is primarily pink and blue to represent my past and current self, to distinguish between my old identity and my discovered one.

The Frankenstein's monster print was largely inspired by the transphobia, fearmongering and scapegoating against transgender people in the media, leading me to internalising that.

The two previous prints touch on self perception and the feeling of being trapped by past selves and feelings which seem to constantly follow me in my life.