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Sage Dausch
Instagram: @bluumei
Bio: Hello there! I’m Sage, a twenty-year-old queer and non-binary artist. I am a college student based in the Black Hills of the United States, pursuing a degree in studio art. I am currently undertaking an independent study focused on printmaking in which I am working on mixing queer themes with various fantasy themes. My art in general tends to revolve around fantasy worlds, daily life, and queerness/gender.
Artist statement: Fantasy worlds are something that have always fascinated me. I grew up on stories of faeries and creatures of the night, and they’ve took a hold of me. I have noticed through my years of immersing myself in these popular worlds that there is a lack of nicely created queer characters. Representation and inclusivity has definitely gotten better, but I strived to create my own. I wanted to create a group of work showing only comfort and love between queer characters in various fantastical universes; from high fantasy, to the supernatural, to cyber/android. This comfort I am creating contradicts with the uncomfortableness I feel on the daily from purely existing in places with people who would like to remove or stifle my existence; I am trying to craft these worlds where these fictional individuals get to live and love without fear. As I have been working on this project, everything about it has gone a lot deeper and taken more soul, and I am very happy with how everything is evolving, even when having to face some realities that are painful. As I’ve put my heart into this project I’ve also been becoming more and more passionate about printmaking as well. This series is still in the works but I wanted to share some pieces that I have completed so far.