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Pepper Heifner
Instagram: @pepperandpen
Bio: Pepper J. Heifner (they/them) is a queer and genderqueer artist, storyteller, and poet. They were born in Cleveland TN, and have been making art ever since they were old enough to take a crayon to the pages of their church hymnal. Pepper graduated from East Tennessee State University in 2019 with a minor in art. They took their first printmaking class at ETSU. It was there that they fell in love with the process of taking the same image, the same idea, and changing it in little ways— not to reach perfection, but to admire the imperfections and changes for what they were. Now they live in Nashville with their cat and however many ghosts are haunting their apartment. They are still using art to tell stories, some fictional, some auto-biographical, all their own. Their work focusses on mental health, trauma recovery, chronic pain, and queer love.