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Ashton Vefore
Bio: I’m a trans non-binary artist living in North Carolina with my partner and our two cats. I began making digital prints in 2018 with my first piece, “PowerPuff Girls, All Grown Up”. In my home state of Maine I began selling prints and pottery within my community circle. “Anarchist Animals”, my most popular piece, kickstarted my online art sales in 2020. My art is under the name Fruit Flavored Worm as a tribute to my queer and trans identities, and also to remain a nameless figure behind the art. Please enjoy my high-sugar content art.
Artist Statement: My art is centered around living as a queer trans person in this world, and the possibilities of growth in the worlds we can build together with autonomy, mutual aid, and community building. In a world that values competition and individual gain, love and kindness are radical. I use my art as a process for overcoming the dangerous ideas of individualism and unlearning the myths perpetuated by our racist, transphobic, patriarchal culture in the U.S. The threads of these issues are connected, weaving into a larger picture of systemic oppression and marginalization. To approach these issues like such, relating to one another, tied up and tangled, is how we can enact change.