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Maria Nowak
Bio: Maria Nowak currently resides on the unceded Salish and Snuneymuxw lands in British Columbia. In this space she celebrates the people, nature and history through her art, time and community connections. She engages many different spaces as a Queer, female, pansexual, childless, 1st generation Polish Canadian artist and business owner. She creates art through a handful of mediums including linocut printmaking, illustrations, monoprints, digital art, commercial products, fabric printing, handpoke tattooing, and ceramics. Most of these forms of artmaking have been in her practice for over two decades, while others are new adventures in artistic exploration. Maria Nowak is a lifelong learner, and storyteller.
Artist Statement: Maria Nowak explores reflections, shadows and mysticism through a body of linocut prints that are part of a larger art practice under the name Bee Inks. The Mystic Prints series is an ongoing collection of bold, illustrative images that are carved into linoleum, and recreated on various paper types and fabrics. These three pieces are the first 3 in the collection, they are printed on handmade paper with water soluble ink. The Mystic Prints series exists alongside all of these bodies of work created by Bee Inks, which all have common themes of Magic, the Self, and celebrate the diverse natural environment of Vancouver Island. Bee Inks creates art prints, commercial items as well as tattoo designs