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Kara Faye Gregory
Instagram: @karafayegregory
Artist Statement: The Sacred and Profane consists of geometric patterns and repetition. The patterns, angles and design of the lines are largely inspired by sacred geometry. The homage to sacred geometry reflects the essence of the intention put into my work. The aesthetics and imagery used in my art are inspired by the use of geometric patterns and symbols found in religious imagery. This ranges from Gothic-Christian architecture, designs such as cathedrals and stained glass, Pagan Celtic mandalas, and occult imagery. One purpose of religious imagery is to evoke feelings of comfort and safety in the viewer. These feelings are in direct contrast to my experiences with religion as a queer, non-binary individual. My work is created in contrast to traditionally accepted and established religious imagery in order to evoke the feelings of safety and comfort in those who do not find traditional religious imagery safe or comforting. It is an iconoclastic distinction within the concept of religious symbology. The work itself is an act of religious practice, in a sense, sacrosanct. The lines carved into the wood are done so in a very meditative and reflective state of mind. It is my intention to treat the process as a sacred act. The creation of the relief is done almost ritualistically – contemplative and in search of the feelings of safety and comfort derived from religious awe and belonging. In my view the prints made from this relief and the relief itself are a diptych. The relief being an established institution to which the viewer of a print is connected – in the same way religion is an established institution providing a connection point to its devotees. The Sacred and Profane is reflective of the heart of my work which seeks to create a queer-positive approach to religious art by providing an unconventional source of religious comfort to those who may not find conventional religion comforting.