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Jace Hermanto
Artist Statement: In my work, I reference existing stories, and other times, I find ways to create my own. My work has also been mostly figural up until this point as the creation of various characters is one way in which I attempt to set a narrative. Additionally, nature makes itself known throughout my work as its familiar but unknown qualities have always drawn me to it. In addition to the inspirations previously listed, I have currently found influence in cultural and religious art; while I have had a fair share of influence from Western art, I find myself looking to other regions closer to my own Southeast Asian heritage.

The significance in using fictional and dreamlike qualities to portray narratives starts in early influences in my life. For a long time, fiction has been a main outlet for enjoyment and expression. I also believe that the appeal of fantasy is somewhat universal, as conveying a message through a crafted narrative has been done throughout time. I do not necessarily believe that fiction makes events more palatable or diminishes their real-life implications but that it offers an alternate way of seeing things. The themes of intimacy and androgyny are relevant to my own experiences with gender and sexuality. I tend to include gender-nonconforming figures in my work because it reflects my experience with gender-nonconformity. Intimacy is another important theme in my work since I want to extend the appreciation for intimacy to queer relationships. However, my work has reflected my fear in intimacy as it relates to my perception of myself and my body. Finally, the theme of demonization and ostracization relates to my feelings and experiences as a minority. As a trans, gay, mixed, gender-nonconforming man, I often find myself and others like me demonized by parts of society, and I have attempted to come to terms with that in my work.