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Jacob Taylor Gibson
Instagram: @jacobtaylorgibson
Bio: Originally raised in Bogalusa, Louisiana, I obtained a BFA in Printmaking From University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2020. Currently I'm in the process of completing my MFA in Printmaking at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. My artistic interests lie primarily in printmaking, specifically lithography and paper weaving but, I also enjoy the company of my cats, camping, and antiquing.
Artist Statement: My work uses antique objects as analogy for familial dynamics and the hand-me-down nature of toxic and abusive behaviors. Within the work, the aged objects inherited from family members inhabit spaces devoid of human presence. The abjection of these items serves as a direct parallel to my experiences as a child growing up in a household absent of love. Feelings of shame and inadequacy comprise the underlying emotions with the work and serve to highlight the flawed foundation of a turbulent childhood.

Images of physical barriers and flooring allude to the boundaries constructed to protect myself from being hurt. However, these protective barriers are inadequate, leaving the items in the space vulnerable and serving as a metaphor for the need to be distant as well as the desperate yearning to feel cared for. My belief is that the work exists for the purpose of helping come to terms with the traumas I was unable to address earlier in my life and hope that through the process of art making I can feel cared for and safe.

Weaving multiple separate images and combining them establishes a direct reference to deciphering the inherited negative attributes from both my mother and father. Reflecting on the attributes has caused me to question many behaviors I exhibit which I detest in my parents. By combining the two prints, an image with limited clarity is formed in an attempt to rationalize and try to unearth meaning within the confusion revolving around these traumatic experiences and my inability to cope properly.