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Andrea Narno
Instagram: @graficanarno
Bio: Andrea Narno is a self-taught queer printmaker from Mexico City, currently living in Pittsburgh, PA. Andrea believes art is a tool of transformation, supporting social change during these uncertain times. Their work centers around the symbolism of plants, using botanical imagery to explore topics like migration, absence and grief. They use linoleum as their primary medium. Andrea is passionate about teaching introductory linocut workshops and going deep into printmaking Mexican history. Andrea is a member of Justseeds artists' cooperative.
Artist Statement: My body of work explores the symbolism of plants, creating an alternative language beyond words, to speak about what I’m moving through, such as moving to a new country, longing, processing collective grief and navigating uncertainty.

I think of my practice as a tool box, open, accessible and in a constant process of expansion. Every project allows me to explore new possibilities. Within my practice, I like to explore the bridges between images and text. Breaking text down to it’s most accessible ground, using it as an extension of my imagery. I always use my first language, spanish. Linoleum as my medium allows me to use my whole body to carve out lines that translate as light and create chatter to surround different images.