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Colt Nicastro
Bio: Ignazio Colt Nicastro is an emerging curator, multidisciplinary artist, and director of IC Contemporary. He is a graduate from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts, with double majors in Fine Art & Art History and Communication, Culture, Information and Technology. His practice is currently expanding on its sculptural elements though he does specialize in silkscreen printing. When Nicastro isn’t spending his time on his emerging art career, he is working on his debut fantasy series: The Trials of Salahan and another novel in the making, The Clearing.
Artist Statement:
Out of This World (Silkscreen Series)
Out of This World is a vibrant study on the marvel and the sublime of what forms and energies exist beyond the galaxy we live in today. With this series, Nicastro explores various forms of space life forms that are consistently expanding the infinite bounds of the universe.
The works invite viewers to be encaptivated by their vibrant colours and shifting forms, while inducing a feeling of comfort or discomfort. Does the realization of knowing how insignificant earth may be make you anxious? Or is it the possibility of life beyond our atmosphere that makes you feel content, even excited, for what our technological advancements may bring us?